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Attention New Zealand visitors - Other Products available from Intech

New Zealand visitors - did you know that Intech have available a large number of products that are not shown in this products area?

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  • XU2Transmitters

    Data and Signal Transmitters.

  • Temperature ProbeTemperature Sensors

    Sensors for the measurement of Temperature.

    Various RTD, Thermocouple and Infrared types are available.

    Temperature Conversion Tables for RTD Pt100 and Thermocouple Type J, K, N, R, S and T.

    Cable Identification Guide.

  • LPN-HHumidity & pH

    Humidity, pH & ORP Sensors and related products.

  • Pressure & LevelPressure & Level

    Sensors for detecting Level and Pressure, Overload Protection unit.

  • Process IndicatorsProcess Indicators

    Programmable, 5 digit, panel mount, 4~20mA loop powered indicators.

  • PSW-10-FInstrument Power Supplies

    Instrument Quality Power Supplies for various types of instrumentation, Line Filter.

  • IN-GENIntech Calibrator Series

    Intech Calibrator Series.

  • Data LoggersMini Portable Data Loggers

    Loggers and Sensors are used to record temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, water height, light, solar radiation, leaf wetness, soil water tension, wind speed, wind direction, frequency, flow, voltage and current.

  • TWN-FFPLC Accessories and Other Transmitters

    PLC Accessories and Other Transmitters.

  • PLC MultiplexersPLC Multiplexers

    Input and Output Multiplexers for use with the PLC's.

  • Intech Micro I/O Remote StationsIntech Micro I/O Remote Stations

    The Intech Micro I/O series are an industrial multi sensor to computer interface (field remote station).

    Information on the 2400 Series, the 2300 Series as well as the 2100 Series can be found here.

  • Mini Pack 16Mini Packs - Convenient Hardware and Software Packages

    Together the Intech Micro I/O Remote Station (2300 Series or 2400-A16-I16) with the MicroScan Recorder software have the price advantage and technology edge. Mini Packs are more competitive and maintenance costs much lower.

    The MicroScan Recorder software includes features beyond the scope of chart recorders, including trends, realtime data, alarms and historical storage.

  • MicroScan SCADAMicroScan SCADA Software

    MicroScan is a complete Windows based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software product, meeting the demands of both the industrial and research environments.

  • ezeio ControllerMonitoring Products and Systems

    Products and Systems for monitoring. Z-2400-A2 Series - Wireless Data Links. eze System - Cloud Based Monitoring Systems.

  • SR90 Series ControllersControllers (Shimaden and Others)

    Shimaden temperature controller series. Other controllers.

  • Weather SensorsWeather Sensor Transmitters

    Weather Sensor Transmitters are tools for the observation and recording of meteorological data.

    The sensors can monitor air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light energy, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall.

    The output signals from the sensors are industrial standard 4~20mA (loop powered).

  • Other ProductsOther Products

    These are products that do not fit into one of the above areas:

    - Thyristor Power Regulators
    - Rotating Electrical Connectors