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December, 2015 How's Your Christmas Shopping Going?
November, 2015 Temperature Probes.
Intech’s XU Transmitters.
2300 Series I/O Remote Stations.
August, 2015 Stand Alone Logging Remote Station - 2400-A16-SD.
Intech PI Series Isolating Transmitters.
July, 2015 Eze System - Cloud Based Monitoring.
ECANZ Trade Show 2015 - Christchurch.
June, 2015 Application: Temperature Control of industrial wax melting pot.
Shimaden Digital Controller - Series SR90.
Intech RTD and Thermocouple Probes.
May, 2015 NEW 2400-A16-SD - Stand Alone Logging Option.
Over Voltage Protection Unit - LPN-OVP.
Level Transmitters (4390 Series) Liquids Level Probe.
NEW Catalogue 2015!
April, 2015 Roto-Bin-Dicator® PRO.
Midas S05 and SI Pressure Transmitter.
Hand-held RTD Thermometer Center 370.
Cooper Button Temperature Logger Kit.
February, 2015 Tired of Digging Holes?
Intech ZigBee® Wireless - Z-2400-A2 Series.
January, 2015 What do you want for New Years?
NEW Button Temperature Logger Kit.
NEW Center 317 Humidity Temperature Meter.
October, 2014 MicroScan SCADA.
2400-A16 Universal Analogue Input Station.
Bridging MicroScan to MODBUS.
September, 2014 From Sensor to Recording
Application: Timber Drying Kiln.
July, 2014 How about coming to the ECANZ show on the 29th July?
June, 2014 Are you using the right thermocouple sensor for the job at hand?
Isolation is King!
Need a bigger Jandal?
May, 2014 Intech compares industry standard indicators: New IN-uP4 vs SD16A
April, 2014 Breaking News - Cloud based monitoring is here
March, 2014 Got your gummies and umbrella?
December, 2013 Have you done your Christmas shopping?
November, 2013 MODBUS - Bridging the Gap
Meet Craig
October, 2013 How's the Weather? Weather Sensors
Intech Multi Purpose Data Loggers
September, 2013 Tired of the small print? Large-Scale LED displays
Solar Powered Temperature Indicators
August, 2013 MicroScan's 25th Birthday
MicroScan - all new 5.1 release
Shimaden SR90 Controllers
July, 2013 Where are you going to be this July 18th?
ECANZ Electrical Industry 30th Anniversary Trade Show
June, 2013 The All New 2400-A16 I/O Station Has Arrived
Z-2400 Wireless Series
How The Intech 2400 Extended Family Really Fits Together
Intech MicroScan - How It All Ties In
May, 2013 Go With The Flow
Trimec Positive Displacement Flowmeters
Fluidwell F130-P
December, 2012 Have you done your Christmas shopping?
November, 2012 Thermocouple Temperature Probes
The Unveiling of the 2400-A16
September, 2012 Analogue Transmitters: Why we didn't ditch the old guard
NEW: LPN-LUX Light Intensity Transmitter
LE Light Energy Solar Radiation Transmitter
August, 2012 The Solar Power Trap
June, 2012 Bindicator: World Renowned Best at Level
NEW INCCT Loop Current Transmitter
May, 2012 FAQ: Which Temperature Sensor should I use?
XU2HI - In-Head Isolating Transmitter
NEW 2400-IS - Isolating USB/RS232 to RS485/422/232 Converter
March, 2012 Product Application: Water Level
IN-P Process Indicator
LPI-LCD-5 Panel Mount Indicator
February, 2012 Involved with Waste Water? Take a Look at this:
Isolation is your best friend
December, 2011 Wireless Monitoring of all your cool places made easy
New Improved Humidity & Temperature Transmitters
October, 2011 Measuring pH? JUMO AQUIS 500
How about the Intech LPI-pH?
Bracket Kit for Z-2400 Wireless
September, 2011 Bring Your Knowledge up to the Next Level
Intech Rugged All Weather Sensors
Intech Multi Purpose Data Loggers
NEW Intech LPN-OVP Rev1 Over Voltage Protection Unit
August, 2011 Which Flow Meter?
Differential Pressure (DP) Flow Meters
Electro-magnetic (Mag) Flow Meters
Positive Displacement (PD) Flow Meters
July, 2011 Get on the Level!
New Power Supply: PSW-2-F
June, 2011 Intech Application Files: Plant wide monitoring by MicroScan
ZigBee® Wireless Monitoring units
April, 2011 Temperature Probes
Use Slip Rings or Rotating Connections? Mercotac
March, 2011 Why is the 4~20mA Signal so Popular?
The I/P Transducer
December, 2010 Technical Note: Life In The Dark
TWN-LUX Transmitter
LP Transmitter Series
November, 2010 MicroScan Capability Keeps Growing
XU Transmitter Series
October, 2010 Measurement of Temperature
-> Thermocouples
-> RTDs
-> Which Design to Choose?
Intech IN Series Indicators
September, 2010 From our case files: Harry's pH Problem
September 4 Earthquake
LPI-pH Transmitter
pH Sensors
pH-HR Data Logger
August, 2010 Technical Note: Instrument Accuracy
Product Highlight: Intech 2300 Paperless Chart Recorders Packages
Need a Temperature Probe?
July, 2010 You shouldn't compare apples with lemons...
Intech XI Isolators
June, 2010 XU family now under one roof!
Nobody Panic! The XJ22 is still here...
May, 2010 From our issues files: Unfortunate Frank and the Dodgy Power Supply
Intech PSW Series
Exciting Intech News
April, 2010 Conductivity
JUMO CTi-750 conductivity unit
Product Highlight: Intech XU Series
March, 2010 P.I.D. Process Control
Shimaden FP93
Level Control? Intech have the perfect solution for you
February, 2010 New look newsletter
Technical Note: Thermocouples
New XU2HN Product
December, 2009 Feeling PRESSURE? JUMO DELOS & MIDAS S05
Tank Level Control - NIVELCO Vibrating Forks
Being Christmas - Everyone likes bright lights & Intech display units
October, 2009 One Size Fits All - XU2 Universal Transmitter
Need Uncomplicated Control? - Shimaden SR90 and SR1 Controllers
Nivelco Ultrasonic
September, 2009 Hydrostatic Pressure Transducers: Micro Sensor MPM Series and JUMO 4390 & 4391 Series
Network Your Shimaden Controllers
Information Where Wires Won't Go - Zig-2400
August, 2009 Intech Release New XU Series Transmitter
Intech LPI-pH
Pump Station Instrumentation
July, 2009 Measuring Humidity
Need Isolation but short of space?
Trusted, Reliable, Dependable - Shimaden Controllers
June, 2009 Shimaden Lite Controller Software
Nivelco MKA-210 Level Switch
JUMO pH Control
Differential Pressure
Trumeter 7611
ECANZ Electrotechnology Trade Show - Thursday 16th July
May, 2009 Temperature Measurement Using RTD's
Classes & Bands
2, 3 or 4 wire?
Intech Power Supplies
Shimaden FP93
Intech MicroScan
April, 2009 Coming soon! - New Wireless ZigBee® Technology empowers Intech MicroScan
New Low Cost Temperature Controllers
JUMO DP10 Differential Pressure
March, 2009 Energy Saving Light Controllers
The Bluffers Guide to PID Control
HART Communications
February, 2009 Cost Saving I/O
2100-A16 can communicate with PLC's and PC's simultaneously
Intech Environmental Sensors
December, 2008 Hazardous Area Precautions
Nivelco Level Control
JUMO eTRON M 100 Refrigeration Controller
November, 2008 Data Highways & BUS Systems
JUMO Stock Clearance
October, 2008 Irrigation Instruments
Basic Principles: pH & Conductivity
September, 2008 Cost Saving PLC Tools
Light up your Switchboard with APM Panel Meters
Isolate your signal to silence noise!
August, 2008 Instrument Accuracy - Accuracy / Precision / Repeatability
Clean In Process (CIP) with JUMO
July, 2008 Paperless Chart Recorders
Are you involved with Refrigeration Control?
Current to Pressure (I/P) Transducers
Intech Environmental Monitoring Stations
June, 2008 Temperature Measurement:
Thermocouples (T/C's)
Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's)
Which To Use
Jumo Products @ Ridiculous Prices!!!
May, 2008 Analogue or Digital? - Principles of Signals
Use Compressors? - Take a look at these.
JUMO DELOS Electronic Pressure Transmitter/Switch
April, 2008 A New Generation in Switchboard Displays
Intech 2300 Paperless Chart Recording Packages
Conductivity Measurement and Control
Conductivity Applications
February. 2008 Intech Micro 2300 series I/O Remote Stations.
Intech MicroScan
Trumeter Counters /Timers
Nivelco: Level Switches and Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
Shimaden: Continuing to Produce First Rate Units
Mecrotac Mercury Rotary Connectors
January, 2008 Introduction to Thermocouples
Intech 'DC - Frequency' & 'Frequency - DC' Transmitters
Trimec Flow Meters
December, 2007 Involved with Compressors? You need to read this.
**New Intech Product Release - '2300 Series' I/O Remote Stations**
JUMO WTrans - Wireless Temperature Measurement For Industrial Applications
Intech LP Series Transmitters
November, 2007 Wireless Temperature - JUMO Release 'WTrans' Series
pH Transmitters - Intech LPI Series
pH Measurement Made easy
Intech Bread & Butter
Shimaden Controllers - FP93 & SR91
October, 2007 Irrigation Instruments
Jumo Midas
Nivelco NIVOCONT. Simple Conductive Level Control
JUMO 4390: Clever Level Control
Trumeter Hour Meters
September, 2007 Process Control Principles
Nivelco level switches
Using Slip Rings? Read On.
Trumeter Counters / Timers
August, 2007 What is an RTD?
Shimaden FP93
Intech Power Supplies
Intech MicroScan
July, 2007 Transmitting temperature data
Designed for Pressure situations
Class calibration - Eurotron, TruTrack data loggers, Nivelco Ultrasonic
June, 2007 Control Devices: The PLC
Shimaden SD16A & SD20 Digital Indicators
PI Series Isolating Transmitters, Need a Loop Powered Display?
Jumo dTrans T01, Mini Roto-Bin, Trumeter Timers / Counters
May, 2007 Basic Principles: pH and Conductivity
Feature - Intech Instruments and Dairy Research
Recent New Products - Jumo data logging thermometer and Shimaden SR23 & FP23 Digital Controller
April, 2007 Basic Principles: Control Loops
Which Thermocouple?
Shimaden SR90 Series
Intech MicroScan
March, 2007 The Benefits of Isolation
Need a Non Intrusive Flow Switch?
JUMO Pressure Transmitters - Ridiculous Prices
Bad Vibrations Affect your Temperatures
February, 2007 Why is Conductivity important?
JUMO - Excellent analytical instrumentation.
Hand Held Water Quality Instrumentation - The NEW Ultrameter II
Need remote access to current data?
December, 2006 What is SCADA?
Monitoring Our Resources
Shimaden SR60 series on special
4~20mA Process Indicators
November, 2006 Transmitters: 2,3 or 4 wires?
Find your level - with Nivelco
Eurotron Miniray on special
USB, Ethernet, RS232 & Modem Connection For TruTrack loggers
October, 2006 Thermocouple or RTD for your application?
‘Isolation is King’
Shimaden SR63 and JUMO 3-wire pressure transmitters on special
GSM-8000 Controller with SMS
September, 2006 New legislation forces a return to the past
JUMO - Making pressure your friend
Shimaden SR70 series on special
New products from Jumo & Shimaden


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