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The product items listed below have appeared on our Home page at some point:

  • AQUIS 500 pHJUMO AQUIS 500 pH - pH Transmitter / Controller

    The device is used to measure/control the pH value, the Redox tension or for NH3 (ammonia) concentration measurement. The function can be changed directly at the device. Depending on the value to be measured, single-rod electrodes (e.g. pH/Redox single-rod electrodes, gas sensitive probes) or separate versions (glass/metal electrodes with separate reference electrode) can be connected. Temperature measurement is used as the second input value, which can be performed, for instance, with a RTD Pt100/1000. As such, automatic temperature compensation is possible for the pH value and NH3.

  • XU2USB Programmable Universal Input Transmitters - XU Series

    The XU Series of USB Programmable Universal Input Transmitters have arrived! With easy to use setup software, and no power supply or calibration required during programming, the XU series of transmitters are an excellent choice for your instrumentation signal requirements.

  • Center 370Center 370 RTD Thermometer

    Designed for the food and beverage industry, the Center 370 offers some exceptional value for money.
    This is the least expensive RTD unit.

    Hand-held RTD Thermometer c/w RTD Pt100 probe.

  • IN-PProcess Indicators - IN Series (Available on special request)

    The IN Series Process Indicators are an addition to the Intech product range. Each model features simple setup and calibration via on screen step by step instructions. Up to 4 relay outputs, an analog output and/or an RS485 serial port can also be added (serial port not available with IN-R).

  • Weather SensorsWeather Sensor Transmitters

    Weather Sensor Transmitters are tools for the observation and recording of meteorological data.

    The sensors can monitor air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light energy, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall.

    The output signals from the sensors are industrial standard 4~20mA (loop powered).

  • Tc-LCDLCD Series - LCD display Data Loggers

    LCD Series loggers are handheld, high resolution (16 bit) data loggers with a liquid crystal display. The LCD display allows the convenience of viewing realtime readings without having to connect the logger to a computer. Humidity, Thermocouple, RTD and Pressure models are all available!

    Download cable (2m) for LCD Series = DLC8USB [USB] or DLC8 [RS232]

  • LPI-LCD-5LPI-LCD-5 - Loop Powered Indicator

    This compact 5-digit 4~20mA loop powered indicator has effortless front-panel programming and simple, step-by-step calibration procedures (Requires 4~20mA Calibrator).

  • 2100-A16-NET2100-A16-NET - Ethernet communication

    The 2100-A16-NET offers the convenience of using Ethernet for communication instead of the typical RS422/485 network system used with the 2100-A16.

  • GP-HRGP-HR - General Purpose Data Logger

    The GP-HR is a small High Resolution (12 bit) Multi Purpose data logger housed in a rugged 304 stainless steel case, that can be configured to accept input from a wide variety of sources.
    It also has an internal temperature sensor for convenient logging of ambient temperature if desired.
    MASSIVE storage capacity with the GP-HR mark 4 of over 1,000,000 8bit samples; or over 500,000 12bit samples!

  • XJXJ Universal Input Transmitter Series

    2 Wire and 4 Wire Universal Input Isolated Transmitters.

  • XI SeriesXI 4~20mA Isolator Series

    Isolating 4~20mA Input to 4~20mA Output Loop Powered and Input Powered Transmitters.

  • PSW-10PSW Instrument Power Supply Series

    The PSW-2 and PSW-10 are isolated switch mode power supplies that can supply a wide range of DC output voltages.