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  • 2400-A16-SD-NETNEW - 2400-A16-SD-NET - Stand Alone logging option

    The SD version of the 2400-A16 is a great way to achieve a stand-alone method for data logging. The station can be used as a 16 input stand-alone logger, or as part of a SCADA data highway with backup logging facility. The user friendly and free to download Station Programmer software (version 5.2.3613 or later) supports the reading of SD cards from the 2400-A16-SD-NET.

  • Z-2400-A2 SeriesNEW - Z-2400-A2 Series - Wireless Data Links using ZigBee® for Analogue and Digital Interface

    The Z-2400-A2 series of units support the communication of analogue and digital signals via a wireless link. The series consists of three separate wireless nodes for: Input, Output and Repeating, and does not require a computer to monitor the wireless network. Built on the ZigBee® protocol, this allows for multiple Z-2400-A2 wireless links to operate side by side at the same time.

    The Output node is the base and acts as the master for the entire link. The Input node acts as a wireless remote station and seeks for the Output Base to transmit the input signals to. The Repeater node is the bridge between the Input and Output wireless nodes, and is only used when the distance between them is too large to communicate directly.

    The Z-2400-A2 Series are used for Stand-alone wireless data links. For MicroScan SCADA wireless data links, the Z-2400 Series are used.

  • IN-uP4IN-uP4 - Universal Input Indicator

    The IN-uP4 is a universal single input indicator, which makes interface with a wide range of sensors easy.
    The IN-uP4 has a 4-digit LED display. An option to add two relay outputs (with two setpoint indicator LED's) and one 4~20mA analogue output is available.
    Setup and calibration is simple, using 'uP Configure' software, with step-by-step instructions.

  • 2400-A162400-A16 / 2400-A16-NET - Remote Station / Intelligent Multiplexer / Remote I/O

    This station has all the friendly features of a monitoring station. The Isolated Universal Analogue Inputs are software programmable using the user friendly MicroScan SCADA (Version 5.1 or later), or Station Programmer software. Each input can be configured for any of the following inputs: RTD Pt100/Pt1000, Thermocouple, mA, mV, V & Pulse/Digital.

  • ZigBee® Z-2400 SeriesMicroScan Wireless Data Links - ZigBee® Z-2400 Series

    ZigBee® is a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios based on the IEEE 802.15.4-2006 standard for wireless personal area networks (WPANs).
    ZigBee® is targeted at radio-frequency (RF) applications that require a low data rate, secure networking, and low power consumption, especially for the battery powered Z-2400-Sleeper modules.
    The Z-2400 Series operate with the user friendly MicroScan SCADA (Version 5.1 or later) software.
    If you are looking for wireless monitoring and/or remote control solutions, the Z-2400 modules may be the answer.

    Ideal for Laboratories, Hospitals, Industry and Utilities!

  • LPN-LUXLPN-LUX - Light Intensity Transmitter

    The LPN-LUX incorporates an integrated light sensor within an industrial IP66 rated sealed enclosure and is especially designed for high precision linear applications. The sensor has a flat glass window with a built in colour correction filter, giving an approximation to the spectral response in the human eye.

    Various Lux ranges are available (Standard Calibration = 0~1000lux Nominal).
    Note: the LPN-LUX replaces the TWN-LUX.

  • 2400-IS2400-IS - Isolated Auto-Detecting USB/RS232 to RS485/422/232 Converter

    The 2400-IS is a compact desktop module that isolates and converts USB or RS232 from a computer to RS485, RS422 or RS232 for communication to a field data logging system.
    The module can be powered from the computers USB port, or from an external 5Vdc power adapter (not supplied).

2400-A162300 seriesTW-DAMicroScan V5

Cost Saving Tools - For PLC Integrators

Intech offer the convenience and flexibility of two 16 input multiplexers, fantastic for PLC and SCADA integration:

  • The 2400-A16 Intelligent Multiplexer with 16 individually configurable inputs and Modbus.
  • The 2100-M Analogue Input Multiplexer with 16 analogue inputs.

The 2300 series - Stand-alone Analogue & Digital Input/Output stations with Modbus.

PLC Accessories.

MicroScan Real Time Monitoring SCADA Software.


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