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Tech Support:


The Omni7 Software for TruTrack Data Loggers uses the FTDI USB driver to connect with TruTrack Data Loggers.

If you are having issues connecting to your data logger, please try these steps:

  • The logger battery may be flat and require replacement. Typical logger battery life is 1 to 5 years, depending on usage.
  • Check that the USB download cable is securely attached to both the logger and computer.
  • An Administrator account or password will be required for installation and may also be needed for operation. Contact your IT support for this if needed.
  • Due to Windows security updates by Microsoft (May 2017), the user running the Omni7 program may need to be granted Modify rights to the hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Omni7 and also C:\Program Files (x86)\Omni7
  • User Account Control (UAC) may need to be disabled for Omni7 to operate correctly.



Download Instructions for using USB download cables with Omni7


"Resource file version mismatch." error message - Visual FoxPro:

When installing Omni7 the following error message (or similar) can sometimes appear:
“Resource file version mismatch.
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Visual FoxPro cannot start. Could not load resources.”

Cause: Another program has installed out of date VFP system file(s) to an incorrect folder.

Solution: If the computer has the below files in the Windows\system32 (or Windows\SysWOW64) folder before or after the install of Omni7 copy the files to a temp folder from Windows\system32 (or Windows\SysWOW64). (just in case they need to be copied back)

Delete the above files from Windows\system32 (or Windows\SysWOW64) folder as they should not be there.
The VFP files should be located in this folder (on Windows x64 64-bit):
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\VFP
The Omni7 install file may need to be run again using the 'Repair' option.


Check if the USB driver is loading the VCP port:

Disabling the VCP port can sometimes help with connecting over USB.

  • Open Device Manager (Right click on Computer and click 'Manage', then click on 'Device Manager').

Computer - Manage

  • Locate the USB Serial Converter.

USB Serial Converter

  • Right click on 'USB Serial Converter' then click 'Properties'. Click on the 'Advanced' tab.

USB Properties

If the 'Load VCP' is ticked, a Virtual Com Port is being loaded. Untick the box, then restart your computer. Open Omni7 and try to connect using the USB connection (a TruTrack Data Logger must be connected via a USB download cable attached to the computer).


Set Omni7 to use the VCP RS232 Port instead of USB:

If disabling the VCP does not work, then some other USB device may be interfering with the USB driver. Using the VCP RS232 Port instead of USB in Omni7 may work.

  • Make sure the 'Load VCP' is enabled (see the steps above). Restart the computer.
  • Check which COM Port number the USB Serial Port (COM#) is set to in Device Manager.

USB Serial Port

  • Open Omni7 and select RS232, then set the Port number to match. Click the green 'Connect' button (a TruTrack Data Logger must be connected via a USB download cable attached to the computer).

Omni7 RS232 Port

Note: The USB Serial Port (COM#) number may need to be changed if it is 9 or above for Omni7 to work - select between 1 and 8. (Under 'Device Manager' > Right Click on USB Serial Port (COM#) > Properties > Port Settings tab > Advanced > COM Port Number).

COM Port Advanced Settings