MicroScan V5

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Note: Intech Micro Station Programmer Software includes the XPort® Ethernet configuration


Lantronix XPort® Installer Configuration:

If the Intech field device uses a Lantronix XPort® Ethernet Device Server (e.g. 2400-A16-NET, 2100-A16-NET or 2100-NET), then it will need to be configured with the appropriate settings for the intended Ethernet network.

In particular the following must be checked and changed as required:
1. IP Address
2. Subnet Mask
3. Ethernet Port

To view and change the settings on an XPort® Ethernet Device Server download, install and run the XPort® Installer software (requires Microsoft .NET 1.1).

To check if your computer already has Microsoft .NET 1.1 installed go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs:

For additional information on understanding IP-Address, Subnet Masks and Ethernet Ports refer to the following links as a starting point:
- Cisco
- Microsoft
- WatchGuard

For a nifty IP Address / Subnet calculator download the Network Assistant

Connect the device to the LAN and power up.
Start the XPort® Installer software and click on the "Search" button.
A list of XPort® devices found on your network should appear in the list.
By default the IP Address should be, the subnet mask should be and the port should be 10001.
IP and Subnet

To change the IP Address, select the respective device and click on the "Assign IP" button in the button bar.
It is a good idea to set it to something other than the default to save confusion when adding a subsequent unit.
It is also good practice to tighten up on the subnet mask, for example if all devices on your network started with 192.168.1 and the IP Address was changed to then you could set a subnet mask of

To view the Ethernet Port setting scroll down the properties on the right hand side and the Ports Collection should be the bottom entry - click on the Ports property and a button will appear:

Click on this button and the Port Collection Editor dialogue will appear:
Local Port
By default set the Local Port to:
1. 10001 for the MicroScan TCP interface
2. 502 for a typical Modbus TCP interface

Please note that the "Enable Packing" setting must be enabled for use in the XPort®, otherwise the comms to these units will not work properly:Enable Packing

To save changes back to the device click on the "Update" button.

When using the device on a MicroScan PLC Interface of type Modbus TCP the port can be set as required only be sure to specify the port when adding the device to the interface.


Note: XPort® is a registered trademark of Lantronix, Inc.