MicroScan V5

Tech Support:


Create a New Agent Job:

A licence key is not required to create a MicroScan V5 Agent Job. The project will run for a period of 4 hours and then stop.

Simply re-start MicroScan to continue configuration and testing.

1. Install MicroScan V5
2. Start MicroScan V5 for the first time and the following dialog will appear - enter in a Job Name and click "OK".

MicroScan V5 First Run screen

3. Next the Registration Dialog will appear - as we are using Agent Mode we do not require this so click "Hide".
Trial License In Use

4. Now set up the basic options for MicroScan - click on the "Select Module Wizard" link:
Select Module Wizard Link

5. The Select Module Wizard Welcome dialog will appear. Click on "Next".
Select Module Wizard

6. Select "Agent / Integrator" and then click "Next".
Agent / Integrator

7. Select "Tag System" to give the most options and click "Next".
Tag System

8. Click "Next".
Select Interfaces

9. Click "Next".
Select Networking Mode

10. Click "Finished".