MicroScan Tool Box - Getting Started


For this example lets make a TASK that does a very simple job. Let's say that we are measuring the diameter of product being produced. However we have

First install MicroScan and the MicroScan Tool Box have been installed onto your computer.

Once that is done proceed as follows:

  1. Setup MicroScan as required, that is the interface(s), Input / Output tags, Alarms and the Recorders.
  2. Set MicroScan to Auto Start the MicroScan Tool Box.
  3. Then set up a new Task to perform the required operation. Refer to My First Task. The MicroScan Tool Box Setup program may be launched from 2 places. The first is from the shortcut located in the "MicroScan Software" group, and the second is from the MicroScan Tool Box program itself by selecting the "Edit" menu and then the "Setup" option.
  4. Sometimes when working with the MicroScan Tool Box you will require an interface just as a repository for information data. This is available in the form of the MicroScan Image Interface. The Image Interface can be set up just like a PLC type interface only it does not communicate to any external device. Refer to the MicroScan Image Interface.


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