MicroScan Tool Box - Templates


 Templates are ideal for repetitive TASKS.

Once you have made a TASK that will be used again, save it as a TEMPLATE.

The TEMPLATE can be further modified once it has been saved as a TEMPLATE. From the Main Form select the Edit menu and then "Template". This will allow you to edit the TEMPLATES directly.

For editing the TEMPLATE TASKS refer to Adding a New Task

 For editing the TEMPLATE ITEMS refer to Adding a New Item.

Once you are satisfied with the TEMPLATE it is ready to be imported as a new TASK.

There is two different ways in which to import a TEMPLATE.

  1. When in the TASK Setup Form the TEMPLATE will be imported as a new TASK.
  2. When in the ITEM Setup Form the ITEMS of the TEMPLATE will be appended to the ITEMS of the currently selected TASK.


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