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Sleeper Changing a Battery  

1. Power off the Sleeper by putting the 8th bit of Dip Switch B to the “OFF” position.

2. Remove the DIN rail clip from the rear of the Sleeper by levering the lower end with a screwdriver, while simultaneously sliding the clip towards the centre with your other hand; removal of the red clip does not need a lot of force, the key is to lever the screw driver in carefully. Keep the DIN rail clip in a safe place, and do not lose the spring.

3. Use a small screwdriver to lever up the back and side clips as shown in the images below. Once all four clips have been released, gently ease the two covers apart.

4. Remove the old battery and replace it with a new one, as shown.

5. Carefully align the top and bottom covers, and close the case. The cover will ‘snap’ on when you apply pressure – no screwdriver leverage is necessary at this stage.

6. Put the DIN rail clip back into place. It helps to do this from below, as pictured, so that the spring does not fall out while the clip is being positioned.

7. Power the Sleeper on again by putting the 8th bit of Dip Switch B back to the “ON” position.