ZigBee Wireless Data Links  
ZigBee Interface Options  

The Zigbee Interface Options allows interface settings relating to remote/sleeper operation to be set.

To access, on Setup Tools, click MicroScan Interface, click Zigbee Options button.

The following is displayed

Click OK, then click OK.

Remote Options

Message Return Trip Time

The time to wait for a reply from a station attached to a remote. Recommended Defauilt 2 seconds, other settings only needed if the site is having a large no of retry issues because of a bad signal path to the base. Note settings other than default may impact the comms update speed of other stations while the current remote being timed out is being waited for.

Time that the station is suspended.

When a remote station times out because of loss of comms to the remote, or because the station has not responded, this time delay will be engaged. Further requests of data from the same station will return the last value read. Normally set to 120 seconds.

LQ/Signal 15 Sec+Cache, LQ/Signal 5 Sec+No Cache.

Use LQ/Signal 15 Sec+Cache for normal operation, only use the 5 Sec mode for testing sites with a small number of stations.

Sleeper Options

Battery Monitor

Voltage Level at which the sleeper status window will popup indicating low battery on the sleepers.

Status Monitor Beep when sleeper disconnects.

If on, the sleeper monitor will beep every 5 seconds to announce sleepers are not updating. Press the mute button to cancel the beeping.

Sleeper/Remote Node List Timeout

The amount of time to wait before announcing that remotes/sleepers are no longer updating.