Zigbee Wireless Data Links  

1. On a setup with a base & remotes, does MicroScan Interface, Find Stations search the remote for attached stations ?
No, the Program Station Setup Base, Find Stations tab must be used for this operation.

2. Can a Z-2400-TCP be used in a remote mode to connect to a 2100-A16-NET ?
No, the Z-2400-TCP can only be used as a base.

3. What are the speed limitations of using remote stations ?
See Remote Station Scan Rates

4. Can the Z-2400 zigbee products communicate with other 3rd party zigbee products ?

5. What security is there on the zigbee wireless signal ?
The base + remote use privately defined data messages to transfer data between themselves and are managed by the MicroScan interface. No internal data such as networking etc is exposed on the zigbee data transfers.

6. Can 2300-XX stations be used on a remote mixed with a remote using 2100-XX/2400-A16 stations ?
No, the 2300-XX use the modbus protocol, thus they must use a separate base + remote to allow the MicroScan connection to proceed.

2100-XX station
Base(set to ascii mode) ---- remote (set to ascii mode) ---- 2100-A16 (2400-A16)
Base (set to modbus mode) ---- remote (set to modbus mode) ---- 2300-RTD6.