ZigBee Wireless Data Links  



Summary of Operation

Troubleshooting Wireless Operation


Tested Configurations
Base / Remote

Adding a base

Base/Remote DIP switch positions

Assign station to a remote

Base/Remote LED indication

Assign an existing station to a remote

Programming Station Setup Base

Base Data Connections RS422

Base Data Connections RS485

Remote Data Connections RS422

Remote Data Connections RS485

Remote Station Scan Rates

Base Changing Mesh ID

Reading Remote LQ & RX Signal to MicroScan graphs

Remote Changing Mesh ID

Sleeper Status Window

Setting up Inputs on a Sleeper

Sleeper Status Window Examples

Sleeper Input Connections & Ranging

Reading Sleeper LQ & RX Signal to MicroScan graphs

Sleeper DIP switch positions
Sleeper LED indication
Sleeper Changing a Battery
Sleeper Changing Mesh ID

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 Interface Options  ZigBee MicroScan Manual 12/3/2012