Intech Micro

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Configure the 2100-NET:

First configure the 2100-NET using the Station Programmer software ensuring that the Port is set to 10001.

Follow these steps to add an Intech Micro Remote Station attached to the 2100-NET to the MicroScan interface:

1. Start MicroScan V5 and click the "Setup Tools" link in the navigation pane and then select the "MicroScan Interface" link:MicroScan Setup Tools

2. The Port Setup dialog appears:
Set Port to None if no stations are used on local serial port.
Enable the "Ethernet Mode" at the bottom of the dialog.
Click OK.
Port Setup

3. Back on the MicroScan V5 Setup Tools page click on the "Add New Station" link.
Add New Station Link

4. The Add New Station Wizard dialog appears - click "Next".
d New Station Wizard

5. Select "add a 2100-XX station" and click "Next".
Add a 2100-XX station

6. Enter in the station serial number and click "Next". Note the serial number must be that of the
Intech Micro Remote Station attached to the 2100-NET; NOT the serial number of the 2100-NET itself!
If not required select Station Alarm Relays = Do Not Add.
Enter Station Serial Number

7. Specify the unit station number as required and click "Next".
Select Station Number

8. Enter in the IP Address and the Ethernet Port as configured in the Station Programmer software, then click "Next".
Enter IP Address and Port

9. Check the settings and click "Next".
Check settings

10. The final dialog will appear - click "Finish".