Below is a simple schematic of the Mobile Alarming Slave Installation.

where the operation of the MA5 Server and MA5 Client is the same as for the Single PC Installation excepting that Microscan may or may not be installed on the same PC as the MA5 Client program.

However in the Slave Installation the MA5 Client has been configured to scan "Slave Folders" instead of the local alarm folder.

Slave folders are Microscan Alarm folders on networked Microscan PC's that have been configured to run the MA5 Slave program.
The MA5 Slave program co-ordinates the naming of the Microscan Alarm Groups on the networked PC's to be the same as those set by the MA5 Client program.

This configuration requires only one MA5 licence to service multiple Microscan PC's, the limitation being that the Microscan alarms can not be acknowledged nor can the "Get", "Set" or "Log" commands be used to access Microscan.