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Data Usage:

This will depend on a number of factors, including how many inputs are used and the frequency of logging.
Our testing has shown around ~2.5MB/day is used with a system running 5 inputs and 5 minute logging interval.


Ethernet TCP/IP Connection:

Ensure that you connect the Ethernet cable with the Ethernet port on the ezeio controller only. Do NOT plug into the Modbus 485 port.

Typically the ezeio controller should automatically connect once plugged into the Ethernet TCP/IP network. You may need to power cycle the ezeio (turn the power off/on).

See pages 13/14 of the ezeio User Manual for Ethernet TCP/IP connection information.

IT Support information for the ezeio can be found at: https://ezesys.com/support/for-it-professionals/

Please note that Intech will not be able to help with the setup and operation of an Ethernet TCP/IP network and assigning of IP addresses.



APN settings for New Zealand 3G/GSM mobile networks:

Note: Initial connection via Ethernet is required for ezeio setup before the 3G/GSM connection can be used.

APNs, or ‘Access Point Names’, are the settings necessary for a mobile device to connect to the 3G/GSM network.

Note: Leave all other areas under the GSM/GPRS radio settings area of the ezeio controller 'System' configuration area blank.

Spark New Zealand (was Telecom) - APN: internet

2degrees New Zealand - APN: internet

Vodafone New Zealand - APN: vodafone

Each New Zealand network has been succesfully tested by Intech Instruments Ltd using the above settings.


If you are outside New Zealand please contact your local 3G/GSM provider for the 3G/GSM data SIM and the APN settings needed.



We strongly recommend having the 3G/GSM data SIM on account.

Using Prepay will result in no connection if the credit runs out (if this happens, then once more credit has been added, the eze system will need to have the power turned off/on in order to re-establish a connection). When an on account data plan is used there is no issue with this.


3G/GSM Supported Bands:

GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPA: 850/900/1800/1900MHz



3G/GSM Network Coverage:

For 3G/GSM connection, the ezeio-GSM needs to be within the network coverage area where it will be used.

Please note that connection is unable to be guaranteed, even if the ezeio-GSM is within the 3G/GSM network coverage area.

Examples of factors that can degrade the availability and/or quality of the 3G/GSM network coverage:

  • Topographical features, e.g. tall buildings, hills, etc.
  • The location and number of cell towers.
  • Network capacity (the number of devices active in the area at any given time).


Links for the network coverage maps of each New Zealand provider are as follows:

Spark New Zealand (was Telecom) - select the 3G option.

2degrees New Zealand - select 3G or 3G Boosted.

Vodafone New Zealand - select the 3G button.

If you are outside New Zealand please contact your local 3G/GSM provider for their coverage maps.