Energy Wizard Controller - Overview

The Energy Wizard Controller is an energy shedding package designed to control the total site's power consumption.

There are 2 criteria that the Controller controls to:

  1. Maximum Demand - The Maximum Demand value is the Target energy usage that should not be exceeded in any one period. The Maximum Demand is often expressed in units of kW or kVA but is in fact derived from the energy consumption for any one period which are in units of kW.Hrs or kVA.Hrs.
  2. Control Period - This a time of high demand for the power suppliers. Some power contracts include special penalty rates during a Control Period in exchange for lower rates outside Control Periods. A Control Period may be signalled by a ripple relay or it may be by a predetermined time schedule. During a Control Period the Controller will shed as much as possible irrespective of the site loading.

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When running the Energy Wizard Controller:


Associated Files:

The following files are associated with the Energy Wizard Controller program.

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