Software Support
Allows Intech to provide Remote Support assistance to your computer (via TeamViewer software).
Note: Support charges may apply.
Get the latest USB drivers for the various Intech devices that require them.

Software Installation:

Please select from the list below:

MicroScan SCADA Software Version 5.1 - 61.3MB

MicroScan, Intech Micro, History Viewer, Shimaden Lite, Remote DDE Server.


MA5 (Mobile Alarming 5) - 3.1MB

Tool Box - 16.4MB


Intech Micro Station Programmer Software - 9.2MB

Notes: Configuration software (for 2400-A16 and 2100-xx stations, using Serial and Ethernet connection).
Also includes XPort® Ethernet converter configuration for -NET stations and Z-2400-TCP,
along with SD Memory Data Logging on the 2400-A16-SD-NET.
Configuration of 2400-A16 and 2100-xx stations is also possible using MicroScan SCADA V5.1 software.


IOStudio 2300 Series Modbus Configuration Software - 0.6MB

Please Note: The IOStudio Modbus Configuration Software is NOT required when using the 2300 Series I/O stations with MicroScan V5 software.


XU Universal Input Transmitters + Z-2400-Sleeper Programming Software - 8.0MB

uP Configure - IN-uP4 + uP4-Din + Z-2400-A2 Series Programming Software - 40.6MB

Shimaden Lite Controller Software - 10.2MB


Omni7 Software for TruTrack Data Loggers - 22.0MB


Vinwizard Software for Viticulture Applications (External Web site Link)



Legacy Software - no longer suuported:

Intech Micro Remote Station Software - older 2100 Series configuration software - please use the new Intech Micro Station Programmer software.

MicroScan SCADA Software Version 4.1 - upgrade to MicroScan Version 5 now required.

MMA Mobile Alarming Software - replaced by MA5 (Mobile Alarming 5).

Energy Wizard

Intech Micro 2100-NET (older XPort® Configuration Software) - XPort® configuration (-NET stations and Z-2400-TCP), is now included in MicroScan V5.1 and Intech Micro Station Programmer Software.

Original OmniLog Software for TruTrack Data Loggers (External Web site Link) - please use Omni7 software.