XU Universal Input Transmitters Programming Software:


The XU Universal Input Transmitters Programming software has the following features:

  • Easy user programming using USB connection.

  • No power required while programming.

  • No calibration required after range has been programmed.

To use the XU Universal Input Transmitters Programming software an XU-USB key is required.
Note: the same XU-USB can be used to program any of the XU Series Transmitters - just change the included adaptor plug for DIN or In-Head!

Includes support for programming of ZigBee® Z-2400-Sleeper inputs (Ver 1.30).


Installation Notes:

  • Ensure that the XU Universal Input Transmitters Programming software is installed before plugging in the XU-USB as this ensures that the required Windows USB driver is installed first.
  • The XU-USB plugs into a Standard size computer USB port.
  • When upgrading from a previous version - please disconnect the XU-USB before installing.
  • The XU software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed first (Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1, which includes .NET 2.0, can be downloaded free).
  • Windows users:
    • Installation requires the user to be an administrator.
    • Desktop shortcut icon will only be installed to the currently logged on user.
    • Extract all files to a folder.
    • Right click on setup.exe and click 'run as administrator'.

WARNING: Ensure that all programming is carried out BEFORE any wiring takes place!


Download Now - 8.0 MB - (Ver 1.30)

Download XU Software User Guide - PDF User Guide to Installation and Operation of the XU Software