Station Programmer Installation Software:

Intech Micro Remote Station Programmer software.

This software supports the programming of stations via COM/USB ports or Ethernet TCP/IP network, along with SD Memory Data Logging on the 2400-A16-SD-NET.

Intech Micro Remote Stations supported:


Installation and Operation Notes:

  • Windows users:
    • Installation requires the user to be an administrator.
    • Desktop shortcut icon will only be installed to the currently logged on user.
  • If using via the XU-USB programming key (2400-A16 stations, USB programming port):
    • Ensure that the Station Programmer software is installed before plugging in the XU-USB as this ensures that the required Windows USB driver is installed first.
    • When upgrading from a previous software version - please disconnect the XU-USB before installing.
    • Plug in the XU-USB to the computer (Standard size USB port), then the 2400-A16 station. Then power up (ensure that the voltage level matches the 2400-A16 stations' label), the 2400-A16 station.
    • In the Station Programmer software, click on the 'Serial Connection - COM/USB' tab, then click the 'Auto Detect 2400 Station' button.
    • Note: 2400-A16 stations can also be programmed via one of their Comms ports.
    • 2400-A16-NET stations: The XPort® Ethernet converter settings must be programmed via the Ethernet TCP/IP port - see below.
  • If using via Network (Ethernet TCP/IP) -NET stations and Z-2400-TCP:
    • Connect the 2400-A16-NET, 2100-A16-NET, 2100-NET or Z-2400-TCP to the Ethernet TCP/IP network using a standard Ethernet (Cat 5/5e/6) cable. On the 2400-A16-NET, only plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet Comm Port 1 (do NOT plug into the 2400-R2 port).
    • In the Station Programmer software click on the 'Network Connection - Ethernet' tab.
    • You will need to allow the Station Programmer software access through the Windows Firewall in order to find the XPort® Ethernet converter and set the IP address etc. When the Windows Security Alert window appears, click 'Allow access'.
    • Factory set IP address =
    • Factory set Port = 10001
    • This software is to be installed and/or setup by the Installer with Network IT support staff. Please note that Intech will not be able to help with the setup and operation of an Ethernet TCP/IP network and assigning of IP addresses. As part of commissioning, IT support staff should assign a static IP address to each 2400-A16-NET, 2100-A16-NET, 2100-NET or Z-2400-TCP. The 2400-A16-NET, 2100-A16-NET, 2100-NET or Z-2400-TCP should be listed as part of the Ethernet system for support by the IT support staff. It is considered good practice to write the assigned IP address/port numbers onto a label and attach to the unit for easy future reference.
  • If programming the 2100-A16 or 2100-A16-NET for Modbus applications:
    • Leave the 2100-A16 or 2100-A16-NET in MicroScan ASCII mode (factory default). Once all channels etc are programmed, follow the steps to change over to Modbus mode.
    • Note: The 2400-A16 and 2400-A16-NET will auto-detect Modbus operation.
  • If using SD memory data logging with the 2400-A16-SD-NET:
    • Configure the 2400-A16-SD-NET Input Ranges etc as usual.
    • Configure the SD recording parameters.
    • Configure the Pages & Lines for all Inputs being used.
    • Initialise SD card if more than one computer is used for download.
    • Note: Using serial comms to manually download data is very slow, and is not recommended.


WARNING: Ensure that all programming is carried out BEFORE any wiring takes place!


Download Now - 9.2MB - May 25, 2018 - (Build 5.2.3909.16)

XU-USB programming key (2400-A16 stations, USB programming port)
Note: 2400-A16 stations can also be programmed via one of their Comms ports.


Note: XPort® is a registered trademark of Lantronix, Inc.