Shimaden Lite 1.4.1 Installation Software:


Shimaden Lite Software is "FREE" with Shimaden controllers. With the wizard set-up feature the program automatically locates the controllers and configures the software ready for use, no programming is required. All you need is any Shimaden controller with communications option fitted.
It's the best and cheapest way to get your process on line as a convenient mini SCADA system.

Shimaden Lite supports the following:

Basic controller operation, COM mode, setvalue changes, Event settings, pattern editing, start and stop etc, but NOT in depth controller settings such as analogue out modes etc. Also note that the software does not allow controller settings to be downloaded to a file and sent to another controller.
Shimaden Lite is a simple user interface for operator type changes to a controller.

Please Note:
Shimaden Lite should only be used on Windows 10, 8.1/8 or 7 and is not a replacement for a full SCADA system. For information on Intech Instruments' full SCADA system please view MicroScan SCADA.

Installation Notes:

  • Windows 10 / 8.1/8 / 7 users:
    • Installation requires the user to be an administrator.
    • Desktop shortcut icon will only be installed to the currently logged on user.
    • Extract all files to a folder.
    • Right click on setup.exe and click 'run as administrator'.


Download Now - 10.2 MB - (Ver 1.4.1)