Intech Remote Support (TeamViewer):

Example Screen -

(this is NOT the file running on your computer):




Look for this Icon on your computer Desktop
(once the file is saved there) and double click:
TeamViewer Icon

Intech Remote SUpport (TeamViewer) screen

This file allows Intech to provide Remote Support assistance to your computer (via TeamViewer software).

The file runs immediately without installation and does not require administrative rights - just download (for ease of use, we recommend saving the file to your computers' Desktop), and run the exe (click 'Yes' if a UAC Warning window appears); then advise Intech of Your ID and Password.

Internet access is required. Support charges may apply.


Download Now Intech-Remote-Support.exe [TeamViewer] - 15.2MB - September 25, 2018 - (version 13.2.14327)


Note for MicroScan SCADA V5.1:
The Intech-Remote-Support.exe file is automatically included with MicroScan SCADA V5.1 - access via the shortcut at:
Start > All Programs > MicroScan Software > Remote Support.
Note that the Intech-Remote-Support.exe file installed with MicroScan SCADA V5.1 may not be the latest version as linked on this page.