Omni7 Installation Software - for TruTrack Data Loggers:


Technical details on Omni7 Operation (System Requirements):

Omni7 is a Windows desktop application designed to run as a single user application in a single user account.
It is not a service.

Omni7 runs on:
Windows 10
Windows 8.1 / 8 (Omni7 does not function as a Metro app)
Windows 7

Hardware requirements are as required for Windows.
Must be clean installs and not upgrades from a previous version of Windows.

Q: Can I run Omni7 on a Windows tablet for data collection from a TruTrack logger in the field?
A: Intech have successfully tested doing this on tablets running Windows 10 / 8.1 with Omni7 - the Windows tablet must have a Standard size USB Port to plug in the DLCxUSB download cable for connection to the TruTrack logger.

Omni7 will NOT run on:
Any version of Windows running in a Virtual Desktop (as USB devices are not supported).
Windows 10 S / RT (as software cannot be installed).
Windows XP Mode running on Windows 7 Virtual PC.
Thin Clients (Remote Desktop Connection / Terminal Server).
Windows Vista (Microsoft ended support in April, 2017).
Windows XP (Microsoft ended support in April, 2014).
Windows 2000 (Microsoft ended support in July, 2010).
Windows NT 4.0, ME, 98, 95, 3.1. Microsoft DOS.
Operating systems other than Windows (e.g. Linux, iOS, Mac OS, Android, etc).

Installation Details:

  • Up to 50 MB of hard disk space is required for the install, with extra space for data files.
  • At least 1x USB Port (Standard size) or Serial Port as required for communications.
  • The required FTDI USB driver must be installed during the installation - see below for steps. Do NOT connect a USB download cable before the Omni7 software has been completely installed!
  • CD ROM drive (if software is supplied on CD), or download via the link below.
  • Screen Size 1024x768 VGA or higher (800x600 VGA minimum). The software is not designed for operation on 640x480 VGA.
  • An Administrator account or password will be required for installation and may also be needed for operation. Contact your IT support for this if needed.
  • Due to recent Windows security updates by Microsoft (May 2017), the user running the Omni7 program may need to be granted Modify rights to the hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Omni7 and also C:\Program Files (x86)\Omni7
  • User Account Control (UAC) may need to be disabled for Omni7 to operate correctly.

Operation Details/Tips:

  • Omni7 requires manual connection and disconnection to a data logger using the Green 'Connect' and Red 'Disconnect' buttons. It will not connect to a data logger automatically.
  • When selecting/zooming a part of the data graph view - you may need to 'Right click' and select the 'Redraw graph' option.


Download Now Omni7 (Ver 7.2.111) - 22.0 MB


View Omni7 Tech Support Information - please view if you are having trouble connecting with a logger.

Download Instructions for using USB download cables with Omni7


USB FTDI CDM Drivers Installation steps:

The USB FTDI CDM Drivers are required for using USB download cables. Driver installation is not automatic.
The following screens explain the steps required once Omni7 itself has been installed:

This window appears once you click 'Finish' on the Omni7 installation. Do NOT click 'Cancel'.

FTDI CDM Drivers

Click 'Extract'.

Device Driver Installation Wizard

Click 'Next >'.

Driver License Agreement

Click on ‘I accept this agreement’, then Click ‘Next >’.

Drivers Installed Successfully

Click ‘Finish’.

Plug in the USB download cable and wait for Windows to attach the driver.
With a data logger connected, Open Omni7 and click the ‘Connect’ button (with USB selected - default).