MA5 (Mobile Alarming 5) Installation Software:


The MA5 software is designed to operate with MicroScan Version 5 (build 2080 or later) software only.

WARNING: This version of MA5 will only recognise the new Software Registration system used by MicroScan V5 and will NOT recognise the old MMA registration.

Important Notes:

  1. MA5 will only operate correctly using MicroScan V5 build 2080 or later!
  2. Microsoft .NET must be installed before MA5!
  3. Install in this order:

The MA5 software requires the purchase of a key for operation.


Download Now - 3.1 MB


Critical Warnings:

  1. Do NOT attempt to use MA5 with a build of MicroScan V5 previous to 2080! This may require you to reinstall your MicroScan V5 system using the latest build. Download the latest build of MicroScan V5.

  2. MA5 must be run with administrator access level for correct operation.

  3. This version of MA5 (Sep 21, 2010), must be used on Windows x64 (64 bit) platforms. Previous MA5 versions will not function correctly.
    Note: This MA5 version is also for use on Windows x86 (32 bit) platforms.

  4. Due to recent Windows security updates by Microsoft (May 2017), the user running the MicroScan program must be granted Modify rights to the hidden folder C:\ProgramData\ma5server