Intech Micro Remote Station Software:


Legacy Software! Replaced by Intech Micro Station Programmer Software

Note: Suitable for Windows XP & Win7 32-bit. You can also use MicroScan V5 for configuration instead.

This download includes:

  • PLC Integrators

    2100 Series configuration software for the following remote stations in RS485/RS422/RS232:

    • 2100-A16
    • 2100-A4 / 2100-A4e
    • 2100-AO
    • 2100-D



  • 2100-A16-ME Stand Alone Logger - This is now a Discontinued Product.

    Complete data logging package. Includes software for the 2100-ME-32 memory module as well as the older 2100-ME-4 memory module.

    For the ME option the 2100-A16 must be fitted with the memory module. Please Note: The 2100-ME memory module is now discontinued.

    Replacement: The 2400-A16-SD-NET station is available for stand-alone memory logging applications.
    The user friendly and free to download Intech Micro Station Programmer software (version 5.2.3613.5 or later), supports the reading of SD cards from the 2400-A16-SD-NET.


Download Now - 2.4MB - Jun 27, 2007

Download 2100-ME-32 Station Memory Viewer Manual