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Page 1 Table of Contents
Page 2 Table of Contents continued
Page 3 Latest Product Releases from Intech Instruments!
Page 4 XU Series - USB Programmable, Universal Input Transmitters (Processor)
Page 5 XJ Series - Universal Input Transmitters (Analogue)
Page 6 Loop Powered Transmitters {LP Series} (Analogue) + Split Core Current Transmitters & Switch {INCCT Series}
Page 7 Plug-in Transmitters {PI Series} (Analogue) + Flow Pulse Amplifier {TW-FFA}
Page 8 XI 4~20mA Isolator Series {XID-L, XI-L, XI-P}
Page 9 24Vdc Powered Isolator {XID-P1} + Wireless Data Links {ZigBee® Z-2400-A2 Series / ZA 2.4GHz Antennas}
Page 10 Frequency to DC Loop Powered Transmitter {LPI-F-D}
Page 11 DC to Frequency Transmitters {TWI-FO / TWN-FO} + Frequency to Frequency Transmitters {TWI-FF / TWN-FF}
Page 12 Humidity Indicator / Transmitter {IN-HWD (rev 2)} + Humidity Wet and Dry Tank {WDT-DW}
+ Humidity Transmitters {LPN-H (Rev 2/1)}
Page 13 Pressure Transmitters {LPN-DP (Rev 1)} + pH Transmitter {LPI-pH}
Page 14 Instrument Power Supplies 24Vdc & Adjustable Output Voltage {PSW Series}
Page 15 Line Filter {IN-LF} + Hand Held Signal Generator {IN-GEN} + Overvoltage Protection Unit {LPN-OVP (Rev 1)}
+ Light Intensity Transmitter {LPN-LUX}
Page 16 Universal Input Indicators, Panel Mount {IN-uP4 (Rev 1)} + DIN Rail Mount {uP4-Din}
Page 17 4~20mA Panel Display {LPI-LCD-6} + Loop Powered Indicator {LPI-LCD-5} + Process Indicators {IN-R, IN-RT}
Page 18 PLC - Analogue Input Expansion - Multiplexers {2100-M}
Page 19 PLC - Intelligent Multiplexer 16 Isolated channels with Modbus Protocols {2400-A16}
Page 20 eze System - Cloud Based Monitoring (supports expansion using Intech Micro Remote Stations)
Page 21 USB/RS232 Converter (Isolating) {2400-IS} + RS232 Converter (Isolating) {2100-IS}
+ Ethernet TCP/IP to serial converter (Isolating) {2100-NET}
Page 22 2300 Series I/O Remote Stations + PLC (Modbus RTU Protocol with Modbus TCP option)
Page 23 2300 Series I/O Remote Stations - RS485 Comms converters {2400-IS, 2100-IS, 2300-NET}
Page 24 Universal Analogue Input Station with Modbus RTU/TCP Protocols {2400-A16}
Page 25 SD Memory Data Logging for 2400-A16 {2400-A16-SD-NET} + Relay Expansion unit for 2400-A16 {2400-R2}
Page 26 Analogue Input Station with Modbus RTU/TCP Protocols {2100-A16}
Page 27 Relay Expansion unit for 2100-A16 {2100-R2} + Digital I/O Station {2100-D}
Page 28 Mini Packs = MicroScan Complete Data Logging and SCADA Software + Hardware Packages
(Complete Chart Recorder replacement packages) {Mini Pack 8, Mini Pack 16, Mini Pack 32}
Page 29 Intech Micro I/O Stations (Schematic Layout)
Page 30 Data Logging and SCADA Software (Version 5)
Page 31 Data Logging and SCADA Software (Version 5)
Page 32 MicroScan - Data Logging and SCADA Software (Version 5) {Software Modules}
Page 33 MicroScan Cloud Access made eze + MicroScan MA5 Mobile Alarm & SMS Text Messaging
Page 34 Wireless MicroScan Connections - ZigBee® Z-2400 Series
Page 35 Wireless MicroScan Connections - 2.4GHz High Gain Antennas
+ Communication Modules for RS485/422 - Digi® Radio Modems
Page 36 Data Loggers {HR Series}
Page 37 HR Series Data Loggers Info + TruTrack Omni7 Data Management Software
Page 38 Multi Purpose Data Logger {GP-MC}
Page 39 LCD Series Data Loggers
Page 40 Small & Medium Environmental Monitoring Systems
Page 41 4~20mA loop powered Weather Sensor Transmitters
Page 42 pH Sensors {M-10, M-11, M-12}
Page 43 pH Sensors {M-21} + Submersible Level Transmitters {IN-LLT (Rev 1)}
Page 44 Intech Instruments Ltd - Conditions of Sale


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