PLC Multiplexers:

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  • TWI-FOPLC Inputs

    The TWI-FO, TWI-FF and TW-FFA are designed as low cost alternatives to expensive A/D cards on PLC's, computers and data acquisition systems.

  • Input MultiplexersInput Multiplexers & PLC

    Intech offer the convenience and flexibility of two 16 input multiplexers, fantastic for PLC and SCADA integration:

    The 2400-A16 Intelligent Multiplexer with 16 individually configurable inputs and Modbus protocols.
    The 2100-M Analogue Input Multiplexer with 16 analogue inputs.

    We also offer the 2300 series - Stand-alone Analogue & Digital Input/Output stations with Modbus.

  • PLC and SCADAInput Multiplexers, PLC & SCADA

    Connections to the MicroScan SCADA & PLC at the same time.