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Discontinued Product Line

Note: The USB485 is now Discontinued. The information below is provided as a service only.

Download Latest FTDI USB485 Driver File


USB485 Settings:

Please note that the USB485 is NOT isolated and electrical noise can lock the device. The USB485 is intended for office environments only and not when you have a computer located in a control panel. An isolated comms converter (2400-IS) should be used in such situations.

To view settings go to Control Panel \ System \ Hardware Tab
1. Click on Device manager
Device Manager

2. Right mouse click on "USB Serial Port" and select Properties
Device Manager Ports

3. Check device is working properly and is enabled.
USB Serial Port Properties

4. Follow these steps if you need to change the COM Port:
Select "Port Settings" tab and click on "Advanced button".
Port Settings Tab

5. Select the required Comm port number and click OK.
Advanced Settings for COM3

6. If for any reason you need to update the device driver select the "Driver" tab and click on the "Update Driver" button.
Driver Version


Download Legacy Windows 2000 USB Driver (2.06.00)

Note: Download this file if still using Windows 2000. Please note that Microsoft have ended support for 2000 and as such this link is provided as a service only.